Weekly club notes 17.04.2017

Entries are open for the mens and womens All Natal to be played 15 to 23 July in Pietermaritzburg. See the notice  board.
Club handicap mens singles commence this Saturday 1.30 and continue all day Sunday. Entries open until 1pm Saturday.
Ladies contact Pam Spring at 0823741803 to attend the Ladies bowls and lunch day at 8.30 tomorrow (Friday). Bowlers from all clubs welcome.
Place new entries on the board for our April E&C Charcoal Breakfast pairs at 8.30 Saturday 29. The current leaders of the accumulative monthly cash prize points are Trevor Spring and Jerry Klopper.
All bowlers are welcome at our formal tabs in Tuesdays and Thursdays 8.30 and Saturdays 1.30 for 2pm. T T bowlers’ mixed drawn trips continue  8.30 Tuesday 25.
Informal bowls Fridays 2pm and Sundays 9.30. Last Sundays informal bowls easter egg and chicken winners were Mark Mantle, Paul Fletcher, Rob Jeffrey, Elaine van Rooyen, Kalla Ellis, Lionel Hartshorne and Greg Lawson. Aspirant bowlers always welcome. Woods available.
The 6m Friday attendance draw resumes tomorrow with meat draws and an evening meal on offer.


Curry and lasagne Thursday evenings. Breakfast and lunch Tuesdays to Sundays with Sunday lunch being a full roast for R80.
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