Weekly Club Notes 26.11.2018

The current S A mens singles champion Wayne Rittmueller skipped his side which included Dion Audie, Wayne Roberts and Justin Butterfield to victory in our annual Atholl Wood mens fours. Kevin Williams, Keith Harcombe, Paul Fletcher and Errol Agnew from MBC  did well to finish second in a field of 24. Thank you to the organizers and nthe many sponsors, in particular the main sponsor Specsavers, for a great tournament.  

Everyone still involved are encouraged to urgently complete our various club competitions.
All bowlers are welcome at our formal tabs in at 8.30 Tuesdays and Thursdays  (T T bowls). T T bowlers are reminded of their Christmas lunch today (Thursday).
Informal bowls on Fridays at 2pm and Sundays at 9.30am is available to everyone. Woods are available at the club for new bowlers who are able to learn from experienced bowlers in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Thanks to West for the use of their facilities last Sunday due to the Atholl Wood at MBC. The lucky draw  chickens all stayed at West with the winners being Steve Anley, Clive McAllister and Sue Marx but our Alfie Smith did get the first touch free drink. Our informal bowls end year party is on Saturday 8 December at 13h30. 
Our kitchen is open Tuesdays to Sundays for breakfast and lunch with quality meals at reasonable prices on offer. Thursday evenings offer our popular curry plus a tasty alternative to eat in or take away. 
Our 6pm Friday attendance draw stands at R800. Members must be present to win. The evening includes a two roast meat draw and the kitchen will be open.
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