Weekly Club Notes 22.02.2021


Well done Kevin Williams/Keith Harcombe and Errol Agnew/Ian Bevis on winning their sections at the Niba Mens pairs. Good luck to them in the playoffs this Saturday afternoon at MBC. The tournament is concluded on Sunday at West.

Breakfast pairs is on the go again this Saturday. Breakfast rolls and good meat prizes available. Phone Willie at 079 964 5130 to enterĀ 

Our Tuesday and Thursday (T T) bowls is open to all bowlers. February Tricky Thursday winners were Ian Bevis and Harry Brown.

Sunday bowls caters for everyone and encourages new bowlers. Relaxed and fun at 9am. Last Sunday lucky draw chicken winners were Maria Wallace, Patty Forbes-Milne and Chris Muncaster.

Friday evenings braai and members draw (R1300) to raise funds.

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